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Exhibited at Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen in China. Viscon Japan introduced newly R&D viscosity controller with temperature control function (Japan patent pending)


 Exhibited at Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen in China.
Introduced Viscon Japan newly R&D Viscosity controller with “TempCon”  temperature control function (Japan patent pending PAT.P.) 
        Date          :  April 13 to April 16, 2021
        Place         :  Shenzhen, China
        Booth No.  :  3Y29


Since Viscon Japan  company founding, we have exhibited at  exhibition Chinaplas every year. Booth image color 0f Viscon Japan Green color is familiar to everyone who attended exhibition.


Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen was held in Shenzhen, in China
from April 13 to 16 , even under the situation of covid-19 pandemic
around the world.

Viscon (Shaghai) , a group company of Viscon  group  exhibited.

Viscon (Shanghai) Printing Technology & Development Co., LTD.
( Chinese name  : 得水(上海)印刷科技発展有限公司 )

(Note: Viscon Japan brand is displays as Viscon Japan in Japan, any place in the world, and any place, except in China.)
Only in China, the alphabet ABC is not familiar to Chinese people,
and according to China regulation that should be described in
Chinese letter company name.
Therefore,  there is a Chinese company name to be used only in China.
The Viscon Japan brand is widely recognized by The Chinese as
a market leader brand for viscosity controllers as 得水日本.



Viscon Japan company /group introduction video YouTube  




Viscon Japan brand viscosity controller that started exhibiting at
Chinaplas Guangzhou in 2015 and has been exhibiting continuously every year.

Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller is a patented viscosity controller
that has already been called “viscosity controller that does not break down”
by customers in many countries including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam (gravure printing, flexo printing, dry laminate customers).

Last year 2020, Chinaplas  Shanghai was forced to cancel due to covid-19 pandemic that spread around the world.
This year, Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen was held as planned.
China has held exhibition Chinaplas only
while any exhibitions have not been held in the world yet
due to strong widespread  covid-19 pandemic .

However, international customers to China will be quarantined at the arrival
airport for a minimum of two weeks (according to location, they will be required to be quarantined for three to four weeks instead of two weeks. )

Mr. Itagaki, called ” Dr. Viscosity controller ”, R&D manager of  Viscon (Japan) Corp.
was also forced to take a three-week quarantine when he arrived in Shanghai
from Osaka Kanku Airport at the end of December last year.

Unlike the usual Chinaplas,
Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen was 99% of visitors from China.
We had been predicting it even before the event, so  Mr.Matsuoka,
President of Viscon (Japan) Corp., who is in Japan due to covid-19,
also cancelled the participation and asked the Chinese staff to do their best
exhibition Chinaplas Shenzhen.

Since 2015, Viscon (Japan) Corp. has been evaluated as
a “viscosity controller that does not fail”
by customers (gravure printing, flexo printing dry laminate)
with the latest patented technology.
(Chinese brand name:  得水日本)


Viscon Japan patented technology that has received
a good reputation from ” development worth more than the price ”
and customers (gravure printing, flexo printing, dry laminate)


* TURBO WASH (Patent No. 6421093) of strong air cleaning method



* Smart lubrication system without air pulling work (Patent No. 6363571)


Viscon Japan’s latest patented technology enables us to solve 80% of conventional
failure causes.
By this remarkable technology development,
customers (gravure printing. Dry laminate)  can enjoy using
a viscosity controller iCom system with data communication function
that communicates reliable data.

In 2015, the development of this iCom system had already been completed.
But at first reliable viscosity controller without breakdown by Viscon Japan
newly R&D patent technology should be recognized to all the international
users,  iCom system display at exhibition was postponed until 2018.
Display at exhibition of  iCom system start from Chinaplas Shanghai in 2018
because the value and evaluation of the iCom system with data communication function is also easy for customers to understand.


Viscon Japan realizes data processing,
centralized management, and centralized controller (Centralized management) .

Development of viscosity controllers with temperature control function for customers
who want more accurate viscosity management (patent pending PAT.P.) and presented
at this exhibition Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen

Viscon Japan viscosity controller with temperature control function “TempCon”.
In order to achieve higher accuracy management, we have developed
a system that can both heater (heat) liquids (inks and adhesives) and coolers (cool) as temperature control.

Viscosity controller with this temperature control function “TempCon”
(patent pending PAT. P.) was actually being developed at Chinaplas Guangzhou in 2019.

2019 Chinaplas President Matsuoka’s  illness treatment
and development suspended
2020 Chinaplas Shanghai Corona disaster cancels Chinaplas exhibition

In this way, viscon (Japan) Corp. announced its latest development technology
to the market two years later than planned.
Patents have also been filed in Japan and China,
and the Japanese patent application number is

Patent Application No. 2021-059326

Since Viscon (Japan) Corp. which has always presented the latest
development technology to the market since 2015,at chinaplas,
the its booth famous for Viscon Japan,
Viscon green color booth is always crowded with many customers.

Following the patented technology and new R&D of Viscon Japan.

1.  “TURBO WASH” (powerful bubble cleaning),
2.  “Smart lubricating system” (no air lubricating work required)
and viscosity controller iCom system with data communication function, which has been announced by Viscon Japan, which is regarded as a market leader and trend leader
3.   ”iCom” date communication system ( Centralized control,
Centralized management)

This time, temperature is also controlled for more accurate viscosity control
to meet customers requirement.
Viscosity controller with temperature adjustment function “TempCon”
(patent pending PAT. P.) was shown at exhibition.
It was an official announcement at Chinaplas 2021.
Patent Application No. 2021-059326


Many visitors from China were very interested in temperature control
system “TempCon”,
a viscosity controller with temperature control function of
Viscon Japan Patent Application Technology (PAT.P.).

Patent technology newly developed by Viscon (Japan) Corp.,
(patented PAT. P), as is clear from the previous examples,
the development of Viscon (Japan) Corp.
which is constantly researching development trends from other companies
in the same industry in Japan and overseas, will force efforts not to show details at exhibitions. (Wry smile)


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