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” Dr. Viscosity controller ” – Mr. N. Itagaki, R&D Manager Viscon (Japan) Corp.

Viscon viscosity controller
'' Dr. Viscosity controller '' is Mr. Itagaki , R&D manager of Viscon (Japan) Corporation nick name called by many overseas customers.

Introduction of  ” Dr. Viscosity controller ”
                            Mr. Naoki  Itagaki
        R&D  Manager,  Viscon (Japan) Corporation



Mr. Naoki Itagaki  is R&D Manager of Viscon (Japan) Corp.
who is known by  overseas customers as ” Dr. Viscosity controller “.
He was born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan  in 1971.
21 years of experience in developing, manufacturing
and repairing  auto ink viscosity controllers in Japan and China.

Familiar with the principle of ink adhesive viscosity controllers,
making use of the experience which he had cultivated so long,

   ” More Easier to use “

   ” Less  breakdowns “

   ” More convenient and easy to repair and maintain “

In pursuit of such a viscosity controller, he developed the Japan
patented technology of our Viscon (Japan) Corporation.



★ Automatic  “TURBO WASH”
Powerful Bubble Cleaning Method     (Japan Patent No. 6421093)



★ Self-suction    “Smart Lubrication System”
No priming pump work required      ( Japan Patent No. 6363571)

Viscon (Japan) Corp.  which tackles this problem head-on and
is familiar with the principle of viscosity controllers, succeeded in
developing a self-sufficient smart lubricating system
that does not require priming pump work.



In addition to the development of Viscon Japan’s latest patented technology
which are regarded as ” worth more than the price”,


” Dr. Viscosity controlelr ” Mr. Itagaki  have also developed a number
of  new R&D and  ” Industry first ” User-friendly designs structure.
based on his thousands of viscosity controller repair experience so far.

Other R&D by ” Dr. Viscosity controller ”  Mr. Itagaki,
in addition to Japan patent technology.

“Development of accurate viscosity management program of
display counter of Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller”
“Development  of auto ink viscosity controller  with iCom
(Integrated communication) data communication system”
which come true ” Centralized control & Centralized management ”
 ” Development of  auto ink viscosity controller with temperature         control   TempCon  ”
(Patent pending  PAT. P.     Application No. Japan  2021-059326)
  User-friendly design structure (Industry’s first design)
“Anti-Ink dirty stein
 structure design”
“Easy maintenance box”
electric chamber easy open design,
pump easy detachable structure design


Not only our own Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller,
but also the knowledge and technology for accumulated abundant
and deep viscosity controllers cultivated through repair of many
viscosity controllers manufactured by other companies,
and the his appearance of devoting himself to concentrating to
repairing viscosity controller,

he  is called ” Dr. Viscosity controller ” (Doctor of Viscosity controller),
from many overseas customers


Viscon Japan  Iron rule and Company policy 

    V (Value )  =    M  (Machine )   +    S  (Service )

Viscon (Japan) Corporation  business purpose and company policy is
to ensure that customers (gravure printing, flexo printing, dry lamination)
can properly realize viscosity management and enjoy the value of
improving printing quality and improving lamination adhesive quality
by manufacturing and selling Viscon Japan auto ink adhesive
viscosity controllers.

In order to realize this Viscon Japan Iron rule and company policy,
service is as important as a machine ( viscosity controller).

In addition to building Viscon Japan overseas agency service networks
in 13 countries that are not already found in other companies in the same industry,
we have also implemented Viscon Japan V support services, as first in the industry,
since Viscon (Japan) Corp. founding in 2015, and have already been well,
received by customers in Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia,
Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, Taiwan.

👉👉 Industry’s First Service V Support Service from Viscon (Japan) Corporation

Viscon Japan V support service, which is the industry’s first unique and very popular service, is also highly enjoyed by customers for its extensive experience in
“Dr. Viscosity controller” of Mr. Itagaki.

Mr. Itagaki and his in-depth knowledge and observational skills familiar
with the principles of viscosity controllers contribute to Viscon Japan
V support service in great degree.

The following pictures are
Viscon Japan  V support service at a customer’s factory in Japan

Mr. Itagaki, R&D  Manager of Viscon (Japan) Corp. who is familiar with the principle of viscosity controllers and has many years of manufacturing and repair experience, explains the many features of Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controllers. In addition, Viscon (Japan) Corp.  V support service, which is popular for explaining the cause of failure of conventional viscosity controller  easily by showing examples.


Nick name  Dr. Viscosity controller ”



Mr. Naoki Itagaki,
R&D Manager, Viscon (Japan) Corporation

 Hobbies : Anime, eating and walking,  golf
 Motto     : Where there is a will, the road opens


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