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Doc. 6 User-friendly structure ( Viscon Japan viscosity controller )


Doc. 6   User-friendly structure design (industry’s first)
The industry’s first innovative new design developed by ”Dr. Viscosity controller” who has extensive and rich repair experience in Viscon Japan Corp.

Based on the experience of our so-called ” Dr. Viscosity controller ”
who repaired more than 3,000  units of auto ink viscosity controllers
(diaphragm pump type viscosity controller) since before
the founding of Viscon (Japan) Corporation.

1.When the customer (gravure printing, flexo printing, dray lamination)
repairs the viscosity controller in-house  by themselves,
why customer can not  repair  it properly by themselves ?

The repair could not be completed, and it was forced to
return the breakdown viscosity controller to the viscosity
controller manufacturer.

2. Dr. Viscosity controller  himself repaired the  viscosity controller,
and it was often in the mechanical structure design of the
viscosity controller that he felt by himself very inconvenient.

From the above experience and point of view,
Viscon  (Japan)  Corp. has developed the industry’s first
      user-friendly structure design with the aim of repairing
auto ink viscosity controller that can be repaired easily, quickly,
and accurately even if users (gravure printing, flexo printing,
dry lamination) repair the viscosity controller in-house.

Before reading the article below,
if you  look at the user-friendly structure of YouTube Viscon videos,
the article below will also be easier to understand by you.


👉👉 YouTube Viscon Video User Friendly Structure 



A) Anti-ink dirty construction design (Viscon auto ink viscosity controller)

The above photo is Anti-ink dirty construction design developed
by Viscon (Japan) Corp. as industry’s first.

Even if the printing ink is scattered in the viscosity controller machine box
when the customer repairs the viscosity controller in-house,
Anti-ink dirt prevention panel (stainless steel panel pointed in the photo
above) and the air equipment protection box behind the door
of viscosity controller machine box  protect the parts inside the viscosity controller machine box from ink dirty stains.

The stainless steel Anti-ink dirty prevention panel can be easily removed,
so it is easy to wipe off ink stains, and after wiping,
this panel is easy to install by inserting it.

What happened to the conventional viscosity controller without
Anti-ink dirty prevention structure design developed by Viscon Japan Co., Ltd.?

Below is a picture of the ink stain prevention structure design.

Click on the ink stain prevention structure design.

👉👉 Materials Ink Stain Prevention Structure Design



I came up with the idea from the application of
“Broken window
 theory“, and made developing
Anti-ink dirty construction design.

What is Broken window theory ?    (← Please Click for more information)
devised by American criminologist Mr. George L. Kelling.

“If you leave the windows of the building broken,
it becomes a symbol that no one is paying attention,
and eventually all other windows will be broken soon.”
( quoted by Wikipedia. )

I learned of this Broken window theory when Giuliani,
the mayor of New York in the United States,
applied this Broken window theory to improve security
in New York in the 1990s, and the security was also better.
I think I found out about it around the second half of the 90s.

In the 1980s and 1990s,
I was staying in the Netherlands in Europe and went to Europe and
the United States on business trips.
Living in Europe, I had been aware of the security situation overseas
to some extent, but when I went on a business trip to the U.S.,
I was really careful.

The inside of the machine box of the viscosity controller is
the same as the Broken window.
If the parts in the viscous machine box cannot be wiped off by ink stains
and the ink stain remains on the part as it is,
the parts dirty with ink, as in Broken window theory,
then the ink stain accelerates more and more.

Document Click ink stain prevention structure design
and look at the photo to see it at a glance.
The parts inside the machine box of auto ink  viscosity controller
are in a miserable state covered with ink.

This makes the parts themselves deteriorate faster and leads to breakdowns.

What’s the problem?
You don’t have to scatter the ink. This is correct.
However, as really operation, ink scattering is inevitable in the pump.

Operators of gravure printing and dry lamination are of course trying
to avoid scattering ink in the machine box.

They  are not intentionally generating ink scattering.

(In order to suppress or prevent the occurrence of
this ink scattering, Viscon Japan Corp.. has developed
a powerful bubble cleaning “TURBO WASH”,
which is the optimal cleaning method of Viscon Japan patented
technology for auto ink viscosity controllers.)

From the real work of busy gravure printing operators point of view,
even if ink scattering occurs,  there is no problem

if ink stains in the viscous parts of machine box can be easily wiped off. ”

In this way, it is an Anti-ink dirt  structure design developed from the standpoint of operators in the field.



The conventional viscosity controller is

Densely  ink scattering occurrence

Many parts are gathering in machine box, and the ink cannot be wiped off

So the ink hardens and dirt remains

By Borken window theory, ink dirt becomes worse

Finally,  parts of viscosity controller also fail.



Viscon viscosity controller
equiped with Ink dirt prevention structure design,

Densely ink scattering occurrence

Anti-ink dirt construction design prevent, so easy ink wiping

Always no ink stains. Clean, prevent deterioration of parts of viscosity controller




B) Electric room  easy open design (Viscon viscosity controller)

Viscosity controller is used in explosion-proof areas,
so explosion-proof measures are required.
The basic structure of the mechine box of the viscosity controller is
the pump room and the electric room.

Since the pump is an air-driven diaphragm pump,
no electricity is used and there is no need to worry about sparks.
in pump room.
Therefore, the pump room is arranged with parts that do not use electricity.

Electric room.
Equipment and parts using electricity are gathered here and arranged.
Display counters that display viscosity in numbers,
solenoid valves that supply solvents,
buzzers that inform of solvent input and alarms,
and other electrical components gather in this electrical room.

As an explosion-proof countermeasure, air purge is applied to the
electric chamber, and the air pressure in the electric room is
always increased from the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding air
outside the viscosity controller in order to prevent the surrounding air
from entering the electric room from the outside of the viscosity controller.

Since the atmospheric pressure in the electric room is
always higher than the peripheral air pressure outside the viscosity controller,
air containing solvents around the outside of the machine does not
enter the electric room.

Anti-explosion measures are carried out by such an air purge.

The electric room of a conventional viscosity controller
had to be opened or closed with a screw by loosening and tightening.
At least 8 screws are used  to open.
Users have to tighten the screws when users  close close electric room.
Replacing parts in the electrical room was a laborious
and time-consuming task for engineers repairing viscosity controllers.

That’s why Viscon Japan Corp. ” Dr. Viscosity controller ” has developed
an easy-to-open design for electric room that reduces the burden
on engineers from their own experience.

Simply open the one-touch metal fittings and
immediately open the electrical room easily.
Once users get used to this electric room,
Users do not want to use the electric room of
another conventional viscosity controller…

👉👉 2) Easy maintenance
(electric room easy open design and
pump easy detach / attach  structure design)



C) Pump easy detach/attach structure design (Viscon viscosity controller)

When repairing the viscosity controller so long,
the engineers were in trouble,

* The pump and other parts inside the machine box of
viscosity controller are dense and too narrow.
It is hard to put your hands inside, and it inhibits accurate work.

* Hose detaching was also inconvenient.
* In most cases, it was necessary to reverse the machine box body
when the pump was detached.

Ink leaks from the pump during repairing work,
staining the work place with ink

* The detaching of 3 nuts when the pump was detached
was troublesome from under the box.


Taking advantage of  ” Dr. Viscsoity controller ”, Mr. Itagaki  hard work so long,
he solved all the above problems and developed  pump easy detach/attach
structure design.

If  users experience  Viscon japan viscosity controller with this feature,
repairing a traditional viscosity controller is time-consuming and time-consuming. . . .
Users would not want to traditional viscosity controller again,  we expect.


👉👉 2) Easy maintenance
(electric chamber easy open design and pump easy detachable structure design)


👉👉 YouTube Viscon Video User Friendly Structure



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