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Viscon Japan Official Blog "たかが粘コン,されど粘度コントローラー”

" What is viscosity controller ? " is English Blog of Viscon Japan Corporation. Japanese ver. is " たかが粘コン、されど粘度コントローラー"

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Exhibited at Chinaplas 2021 Shenzhen in China. Viscon Japan introduced newly R&D viscosity controller with temperature control function (Japan patent pending)

Auto ink viscosity controller with Japan patent technology, Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller. By turbo wash and smart lubrication, Viscon Japan viscosity controller are called by customers as Viscosity controller without breakdown or failure. Based on those reliable viscosity controller, Viscon Japan developed temperature control system Tempcon to meet users higher requirement.

Catalogue : Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller ( Japanese/English/Chinese)

Viscon Japan patent technology automatic ink viscosity controller catalog. Published in Japanese, English and Chinese. Introduce Viscon Japan patent technology auto ink viscosity controller, data communication iCom system ( Centralized control), and Temperature control ( Heating & Cooling ) TempCon.

Doc. 6 User-friendly structure ( Viscon Japan viscosity controller )

Viscon Japan developed Industry first design. Anti-ink dirty construction, Electric room easy open system, Diaphragm pump easy detach /attach construction design. These are developed by Dr. Viscpsity controller, Mr. Itagaki who has over 20 years production and repair experience.
Viscon viscosity controller

” Dr. Viscosity controller ” – Mr. N. Itagaki, R&D Manager Viscon (Japan) Corp.

Introduction of '' Dr. Viscosity controller'', tis is nick name of Mr. Itagaki , R&D Manager of Viscon (Japan) Corporation. Many overseas customers called him as Dr. Viscosity controller because he has deep knoledge of principle of viscosity controller and rich and abundant experience 21 years.

Bangladesh IPF On-Line EXPO Viscon Japan viscosity controller iCom system (centralized control) introduced by Worldly Industrial gravure printing machine.

Bagladesh IPF On line EXPO was held July 5 - 8, 2021. Taiwan Worldly Industrial Co.,Ltd. exhibits Worldly promotion video of gravure printing machine with Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller with Integrated Communication system ( iCom system). which come true Centralized control and Centralized management for users.
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YouTube Viscon Japan viscosity controller 3 : Smart Lubrication system

“Priming pump work” problem that caused as much as 30% of the failure breakdown of the viscosity controller. Viscon Japan patented technology " Smart Lubrication system" can solve this problem . By this new technology, users can be free from conventional 30% of breakdown problems.

Doc. 4 Smart Lubrication System for viscosity controller ( Patent No. 6363571 )

Viscon (Japan) Corp. who tackles problem head-on and is familiar with the principle of viscosity controllers, succeeded in developing smart lubricating system ( No require priming pump work ). Solving major cause of failure/breakdown of conventional viscosity controller. that does not require priming pump work.
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YouTube Viscon Japan viscosity controller 2 : Turbo Wash powerful bubble cleaning

TURBO WASH is the Japan patent technology developed by Viscon (Japan) Corp. to solve major cause of failure of conventional viscosity controller (diaphragm pump type viscosity controller). Powerful washing/cleaning ability of TURBO WASH is amazing. Solvent circulation washing with many fine bubble by TURBO WASH clean uneven inside diaphragm pump and hose inside.

Doc. 3 TURBO WASH – Strong bubble cleaning ( Patent No. 6421093 )

The pioneer of viscosity controller, Viscon Japan Corp. innovated and developed Japan patent technology, and produced high accuracy and high durability viscosity controller. Analyzing 3 major cause of failure breakdown of viscosity controller, and developed patent technology Turbo wash, smart lubrication system for solution of conventional viscosity controller breakdown.

Causes of three major failures of conventional viscosity controllers

Viscon Japan is the pioneer of viscosity controller. Newly developed Japan patent technology, Viscon Japan succeed in solving 3 major failure / breakdown of conventional viscosity Japan patent technology.
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