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Bangladesh IPF On-Line EXPO Viscon Japan viscosity controller iCom system (centralized control) introduced by Worldly Industrial gravure printing machine.


Bangladesh IPF  ON Line  EXPO 
Worldly Industrial Co., Ltd. exhibits Gravure printing machine with
Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller with data communication function iCom system.  ( Centralized control & Centralized management )

The IPF exhibition in Bangladesh, has been postponed to January 2021 from January 2020.
The IPF Bangladesh exhibition did not be held again this year, and it will be postponed to to January 12 to 15, 2022,  because of covid-19 Pandemic.

As you can see clearly in this above advertisement,
the 15th IPF Bangladesh Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry Fair
will be scheduled to held,

Exhibition (Real)        January 12 – January15,    2022
On Line                      January 10 – January 17,    2022

Bangladesh IPF Bangladesh ON Line EXPO was held to fill the blank period
of the exhibition for the past two years.


YouTube  of  The Opening Ceremony of IPF Bangladesh ON Line EXPO.

IPF Online Expo Opening Ceremony – YouTube


Worldly Industries has an overwhelming market share in Bangladesh.
(According to customers and related parties information, of gravure printing,
dray lamination of flexible packaging industry,
Worldly Industrial has a share of about Bangladesh.)

Viscon Japan Corp. participated for the first time at an exhibition
in Bangladesh in 2018,  and I was fully convinced that
customers and related parties information  would be right. )

The following is a photograph at the time of the exhibition in 2018.
in Bangladesh IPF Plastics, Printing &Packaging Industry Fair.

Worldly Industrial’s booth was always filled with Bangladesh customers
(of gravure printing, dry laminating, flexo printing).


Detailed photos and information from the 2018 Bangladesh
exhibition are introduced in the following Viscon Japan blog in  Japanese.

👉 👉 Bangladesh Exhibition IPF  2018  Viscon Japan  blog  Japanese articles

As I wrote in the article (Japanese) at the time of the exhibition in 2018,
it was a very busy and very meaningful exhibition with really great customers.

Since my previous working company of viscosity controller in Japan,
Worldly Industrial Co. had purchased many viscosity controllers from me.
And here in Bangladesh, it was said that a lot of my delivering viscosity controller
had been  delivered with Worldly Industrial’s gravure printing machine
and Dry Laminate machine.

At that time, I did not  set up an agent for after-sales service in Bangladesh
in my previous job, and of course I had never visited Bangladesh.

I was naturally scheduled to participate in the 2019 IPF Bangladesh exhibition,
but I could not join the 2019 IPF Bangladesh exhibition.
Because I avoided an overseas visit for my sick medical treatment
in the half a year of 2019.


Due to my staying in Japan for my medical treatment,
Worldly Industrial Co., took care of promotion of
Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller, instead of me.
I thank Worldly Industrial Co. very much for taking care
of promotion of Viscon Japan automatic ink viscosity controller.

The photo below is the IPF exhibition in Bangladesh in 2019.

IPF Bangladesh exhibition which were scheduled to held in January 2020
and January 2021  have been postponed  to  January 2022.

IPF Bangladesh On Line EXPO held this time to
fill the gap of no exhibition in this 2 years 2020 and 2021.

👉👉 IPF Bangladesh On Line EXPO Exhibitor List

The below  is an exhibition YouTubu video  by Worldly Industries,
which boasts the 70% market share
(gravure printing and dry rami customers) in Bangladesh.


IPF Online Expo – Worldly – E.L.S High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine


YouYube  video  Click   ↓ ↓ ↓

IPF Online Expo – Worldly – E.L.S High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine – YouTube


Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller with iCom (Integrated communication)
system with data communication function installed in each printing unit
Worldly Industrial  gravure printing machine.  Users can come true ”Centralized control
& ”Centralized management ” by this Viscon Japan iCom system.

Viscon Japan  auto ink viscosity controller with data communication function
iCom (Integrated communication) system is explained in the following article.

👉 👉   Auto Viscosity Controller with Data Communication Function
            Viscon Japan viscosity controller iCom system English Catalog 

👉 👉 Viscon Japan auto ink viscosity controller   English Catalog

The data sent from the iCom system, a viscosity controller with data communication function installed in each printing unit, is displayed on the touch monitor.
Users can enjoy Centralized control & Centralized management and
traceability of viscosity control, for users’ better quality control (QC control).



Viscosity management information is displayed in touch monitor  of the Integrated Control Panel.   ( right  of below photo )   –  Centralized control & Centralized management





In the conventional viscosity controller, the viscosity data itself was unstable,
and it was not practical to centrally manage the viscosity information
by communicating data easily.

Viscon Japan  auto ink viscosity controller equipped with
patented technology of
Viscon Japan  enables stable and
reliable acquisition communication of viscosity information.


Viscon Japan  patent technology and Industry’s First R&D

(1) Strong bubble washing method     TURBO WASH  (Patent No. 6421093)
(2) No priming pump work required   Smart lubrication system (Patent No. 6363571)
(3) User-friendly constructure design        (Industry first  R&D)

Japan is currently  just  before the Tokyo Olympics 2021.
It is said that nearly 70,000 to 100,000 participating players and
related parties from overseas will come to Japan.

I just pray that covid-19 will not spread
and that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held safely and safely.

There is also information in Japan that vaccinations can be completed
in November,  so I strongly hope that the current remote
work-centered situation that cannot be business overseas will be resolved
by the end of this year.
and I strongly hope  that the exhibition in Bangladesh in January next year
will be held by all means.


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Viscon Japan  auto ink viscosity controller catalogue   
in Japanese/ English/ Chinese


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